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I am a freshman at The Ohio State University and this is my website for my documentary on the effects of the internet.
Posted on 6th Dec at 4:12 AM

Hello, and welcome to the website that contains a digital documentary on the Internet and its impacts. This is for my Digital Media Composition class at The Ohio State University. My name is Arielle Constable and I am a freshman studying journalism. My grandpa had his own column in the Mansfield News Journal called Constable’s Corner, and that made me want to be a journalist. However, I only have talent in writing crappy poetry and fictional stories so I decided I wanted to be a news anchor. But I digress. This digital documentary is the final for this class, and it contains all of the other projects I worked on earlier this semester. The Audio folder contains my This I Believe essay, and more on the This I Believe project can be read about here. The Pictures folder contains the 3 images I was required to photoshop to make an argument pertaining to my documentary. If you click on the folder, you will find the pictures and their explanations. The Preview folder will lead you to a trailer I was required to make using iMovie further explaining, and summing up, my documentary topic. The Stories folder contains over 100 stories that people from tumblr have submitted to me in regards to the impact the Internet had on their lives. Some are negative, some are positive, some of them are just rants about procrastination. But each of them are different viewpoints on what the Internet has done in their lives. Please explore the website, and enjoy.

Posted on 6th Dec at 3:59 AM

One of the questions I was asked was “how has humor changed and what makes things not funny by stereotypical standards?” and I think this article written by Gladstone for explains it pretty well. Acceptable and popular humor has kinda taken a nosedive down to misspellings and unexpectedness. It’s almost like Ylvis’ “The Fox”. Very unexpected with just a rambling of sounds for the chorus, yet it blows up on the Internet and everyone with a computer knows about it within a day. Bizarre and illiterate are the only two requirements for humor. Or really, really terrible puns. 

Posted on 5th Dec at 11:52 PM

I am a second year mechanical engineering student.  The internet has been an integral part of my studies, whether I like it or not.  I use it for everything from youtubing concepts I don’t understand to googling recent developments in technology.  

One night I came to the realization that there is no denying that the internet makes my life as an engineering student exponentially easier.  With that realization, I began to recognize that I probably wouldn’t be able to pass my classes without the internet.  Does this mean that education has become inherently easier with the presence of the internet?  Or does the advancement of technology actually improve the quality of education with an increase in opportunities?

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Posted on 3rd Dec at 6:48 PM

The Internet has changed my mindset and views on the world. It has made me realize that other people feel the same things as me and go through the same things as me. It make me feel less weird. In a way the Internet has make me become more of a hippie because of all of the music it has introduced, the different cultures I have learned about, it has made me more open minded. It has made me the person I am today and I am proud to say I love who I am. So thank you Internet and its creators. Peace out!

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Posted on 3rd Dec at 6:48 PM
How the Internet has Affected Me

I started getting into the internet when I was about 12.

I’ve discovered many drawing tutorials and new drawing styles. I started out doing free commissions of people’s avatars on GaiaOnline. I eventually got a drawing tablet and started drawing on and gained a pretty large following, and even made a few friends I’m still in touch with. On my dad’s suggestion, I got a Fiverr account and began doing $5 portrait commissions of people. Eventually I discovered Society6 through other artists on Tumblr and am selling prints of close-up photos of my glassblowing pieces and will be selling prints of my artwork once I have the time to make non-fandom artwork for it.

I went to Catholic school all my life, and by the point I got a Tumblr, I was a junior at a Catholic high school. I had accepted everything I had learned about abortion being terrible and homosexuality being a sin. Through Tumblr though, my views were expanded and by the time I was a senior in high school I’m more pro-choice and after a lot of thinking, I realized I was bisexual/pansexual (I use bisexual because it’s a more common term and I won’t have to explain it so much if I actually come out to my parents).

For a while because of Tumblr, I became a feminist. Not a really active one, just starting to realize some dumb things about expectations of women. But not long after, I started to realize that lots of the things that Tumblr feminists were saying about men (they’re rapists, only want sex, objectify women, and are entitled pieces of shit when they just mention the friendzone to describe a relationship with a woman even if they’re just a bit sad about having unrequited feelings for her, among other things) were just stupid and not as “equal” as the feminists claimed it to be. So now, I’m a gender egalitarian and better at seeing issues from more than one point of view.

I’ve seen many people’s stories of their painful lives and horrible things that have happened to them… I used to think my life was bad. I was terribly lonely a lot of the time and was probably depressed (although I was never officially diagnosed with depression, because I would never admit to anyone that suicide had crossed my mind even once, let alone countless times). I’m much happier now and can look back at my life and although I really didn’t have many close friends, I had a decent quality of life otherwise. I had never gone hungry and had never really been bullied in elementary school. I was bullied a bit in junior high and high school by a couple girls, but not horribly.

Finding other people that deal with the same things I do (some depression, ADHD, social anxiety, etc) and have things in common with me (bisexuality/being queer, liking the same fandoms, similar political views, etc) is really awesome and great support for me to keep those views. It’s even better when these people point out flaws in my reasoning or new things I hadn’t considered and help me refine my views and make be better as a person.

For those college classes that are really hard, help sites and Yahoo answers are awesome and help me figure out how to do the problems and have really saved me when it comes to Calculus 2 and Engineering Physics.

The internet has had some negative effects on my life as well. I’m supposed to be studying for finals right now but I keep doing things on the internet (like writing this :P). It is definitely not helping my ADHD. I’ve also gotten used to casually cursing a lot and have been swearing on impulse and I used to be good at not swearing in front of my family but not anymore, apparently…

But all in all, I have become a far better person because of the internet and have gained business experience with selling my art that will help me in the future. (It’s also an endless source of entertainment for boring breaks and helps keep me from going crazy when no one’s around!)

I tried to submit this once but the page expired. Sorry for resubmitting if it went through the first time!

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My internet-centred life began when I was ten years old. At first, it was a mild addiction of mini games. I probably spent my time doing other things, but I don’t really remember them.

One of the most influential times for me on the internet was when I made my youtube channel at the age of 11. I made up stories for my toys, filmed them, edited the footage and posted my creations online. They were shitty and embarrassing, but I was proud of them nonetheless. Other kids on youtube who made videos similar to mine enjoyed them too, and these videos helped me grow some confidence and make some friends, after a year of struggling with bullying within my world beyond the computer screen. With each video I made, I could feel myself become a better screenwriter, filmaker and editor. At this point in my childhood I began considering a career in film after years of not being able to decide what to become when I grow up. And though I may not be in touch with these friends like I used to, I know they grew up to be good people.

After making my tumblr in 2011, I found my dash flooded with photos of skinny, pretty girls. I always held a grudge against myself for having the face that I have, and for being the weight that I was. My friends always told me that I’m not fat, but I could never understand why they were lying to me like that - their words were contradicting what I saw in the mirror. Along with the memes that shunned fat and round people also flooding my dashboard alongside all these pretty girls, my sanity was lost along the way. I began to hate myself. I began showing symptoms of eating disorders. I couldn’t stop having suicidal thoughts. None of this hasn’t changed since, but only magnified itself over time with my continued use of the internet. No one seems to know, despite the trails of hints I have left to my family and friends. I never asked for help, never went to counselling. And yet; my two current internet friends (whom I met on tumblr - the same site that potentially ruined my feelings of self worth) continue to make me smile. They are the ones who I feel may know about my self hatred the most, out of everyone I know. They never saw my face in real life once, and yet they read me so well.

But despite all this, I think that the worst thing the internet has taught me is procrastination. I was the kid that always forgot to do their homework, but now that I am addicted to the internet as well, it spun out of control and lowered several of my grades. I have grown into a self-loathing, lazy, and pitiful teenager - all thanks to the internet. I have a feeling that my addiction to procrastination will be a much harder habit to break than my addiction to the internet.

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Posted on 3rd Dec at 10:14 AM

I wonder if the submission thing is still on but whatever I wanted to say this anyway.
I joined this internet thing in 2012 I guess. I got a fancy new IPhone and I’m not sure this counts but I got an Instagram . I started a “quality” Instagram, (my blog type) and slowly I began to gain followers. (presently 24k).
I had funny family issues that year. My parents liked to hit me and scream at me and force me to do piano etc. and whenever that was over I went on Instagram and told all my followers how I felt and what happened. They were all so nice, so caring. They told me to stop crying; all things, good or bad, would come to an end.
I also began to make friends;
I met them on kik while doing promos. I know how they look and their personalities and honestly I’ve known them longer than some of my friends I know in real life.
They give me advice, they help me. And they help A LOT. friend issues, family issues, even blog issues, they would be there. It’s like a little clique of us; we know each other so well and defend each other when other people try to hurt us by their horrid comments.
That’s true friendship.
And it’s better than anything I’ve had in my “real life”.
Thank goodness for the internet and the great people I’ve got to know on it.

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The interbutts

I’m glad it came to be I can let loose my insanity and say absurd things like meow mewo moew mooodoloralogoogof if I ever wanted to.  I have problems communicating in real life because of anxiety and thus I have a better way of thinking things out before I type them.  Like the sentence before I wrote something and erased it to type something else because I didn’t like the wording.  I’ve seen some fucked up things but I took it as a learning lesson.  One of those many lessons was about the drug cartel.  Holy shit are those guys assholes.  Another thing I’ve learned is how to deal with my sociopathic tendencies and learn how to handle them.

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Posted on 3rd Dec at 10:14 AM
The internet. *DUBSTEP BASS DROP*

When I first got the internet, I honestly thought I wouldn’t use it as often as I do now. As much as it has benefitted me in terms of my social life (with websites such as tumblr or Facebook), I can totally say that my academic life has taken a toll, since I have absolutely no self control. Don’t get me started on advent calendars. That being said, the internet has made me more….street wise? Because I feel like I know more about life issues that people face every day, like rape culture, slut shaming, etc. due to the fact that tumblr is great like that. Overall, the internet has its perks, for sure, but it hasn’t made me smarter or anything BUT I WILL CONTINUE TO WHOLEHEARTEDLY USE IT.

Okay that’s all hope this helped a little bit (:

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Posted on 2nd Dec at 10:32 PM
The internet

The first time I ever started to really use the internet is when I was 10 years old. I was really into the show Ben 10 at the time and I found that on, they had a game for me to spend countless hours on. When I went to middle school, I was introduced to Myspace and met some of my very first online friends, who I’m still friends with today (although, we don’t nearly talk as often and have never met). It wasn’t until the eighth grade that I started to use Tumblr, one of the most influential sites that I’ve come across so far.

When I first started to use Tumblr, it was just for the humorous pictures and text posts. In the last two or three years of being on Tumblr, I’ve noticed the rise of social justice blogs and disputes over controversial topics such as racism, rape, sexism… etc. At first, I thought it was great and it opened my eyes to things I had never thought of or was ignorant of and I had realized I was apart of the problem. It made me fix my ways of slut-shaming, my unintentional racism, and opened my eyes to see that this world supported the attacker more than the victim. It almost depresses me to know that our world is in such turmoil. I’m confused as to what’s right and wrong, whether being me is actually okay or that maybe I should change myself to fit everyone’s standard of a civilized and fair person.

The internet has taught me that I shouldn’t trust anything I see without researching it myself, it’s taught me that there is at least five different sides to every story and I never know which one is morally right. The internet has shown me that honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing is right and we probably will never live in a world that can agree on one thing.

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